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About Wade

by Wade Preston |

Wade will be blogging soon enough, but until then, you're stuck with this medium sized paragraph of why you should come back and read his blog:


Wade Preston is Co-Founder of Prevail Coffee, a coffee brand whose mission is to roast and serve ethically sourced, sustainably grown coffee that acts as a connection point, cultivating authentic, diverse community. Wade began his career in coffee after working with an economic development project in West Africa and seeing the impact that ethical trade practices can have on economically disadvantaged communities. In seven plus years in the industry, Wade has become a decorated coffee professional. He has won several US Coffee Championships competitions, and has pioneered innovative coffee brewing techniques which have garnered praise throughout the US and Australia. Wade has also leveraged his background in non-profit work and education in philosophy to craft Prevail Coffee into a thoughtful brand that has grown throughout the Southeast and has become a hub for the vibrant community emerging in downtown Montgomery. He and his wife, Prevail co-founder, Megan Preston live in Montgomery with their daughters, Wesley Anne (6) and Amelia (2). In his spare time, Wade enjoys snowboarding, reading philosophy texts and indie-rock biographies, and trying to grow up to be Wendell Berry or Fred Rogers.


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