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Our Locations

Our Roastery / HQ is in Montgomery, AL, but we have cafes spread across the Deep South. 

Montgomery, AL

Montgomery, AL

The Local 102

Montgomery's megaphone is a symbol of the city's history of people lifting their voices together to effect change and begin building the "beloved community."

This cafe is located inside the historic Kress Building off Dexter Ave. Plenty of street parking is available. 

M - Th 7a - 6p
F - Sa 7a - 8p
Su 8a - 3p

39 Dexter Ave, Suite 102, Montgomery AL, 36104

Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, GA

The Local 201

The mark of Prevail's Atlanta Union Chapters feature the Phoenix, the indelible symbol of a community's resolve to work together to build back from ashes.

Located in the lobby of the Sentral Apt Builiding in West Midtown (part of the Star Metals development). We have free validated parking for 2hrs in the deck.

M - F 7a - 4p
Sa - Su 8a - 4p

1050 Howell Mill Rd, Suite 100, Atlanta, GA 30318

Birmingham, AL

Birmingham, AL

The Local 103

Birmingham is a city where people of different backgrounds and ideas have come together around the historic iron and steel driven economy. We took inspiration from it being a literal and a metaphorical melting pot. 

The Birmingham shop is on the ground floor of the Shipt tower, the city's tallest building. Plenty of street parking is available. 

M - F 7a - 4p
Sa 8a - 1p

420 20th St N, Suite 125, Birmingham, AL 35203

Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, GA

The Local 202

Same city, new chapter. You may have noticed our chapters each have different numbers. The first number is the state (1 for AL, 2 for GA), and the last number is the location number within that state. 

Situated inside the new Bryn House Apt Building in North Druid Hills, just down the street from the new COA Hospital. Free parking deck access just behind the cafe!

M - Sa 7a - 4p

2490 N Druid Hills Rd, Atlanta, GA 30329


If you have been around Prevail, you may have noticed a few things different about us. We have two 'Brands:' Prevail Coffee Roasters & Prevail Union. It's a little weird, we know...


This is your local Prevail Coffee Shop, a community hub where our mission of connecting people is fulfilled in a hands-on way, as we create space for authentic and diverse community to thrive. 

It is a summation of our mission, Union means 'together,' and bringing people together is our ultimate goal.



Unions in our culture (social unions, labor unions, etc) have been great at creating a mix of both familiarity and uniqueness. A union "chapter" in one place will share the name, brand, and mission of the wider organization, but has its own distinct culture and feel. It simultaneously connects to a local community and a greater mission. This is exactly what we want to accomplish, and why we have adopted the union concept. 


While the "junction" logo is the visual manifestation of "together we prevail," our union marks tell the story of each individual community.